Concept Design From your brief we will come up with an initial design and then, with imput from yourselves, we will finalise a concept that is ready for client or store approval. As we design and manufacture, we will always design something that can actually be produced - we won't design something that looks great but can't be adhered to in manufacture.
Consultancy As part of the service we offer you, we will ensure that your project is properly managed from start to finish. We will speak with the stores to arrange surveys, design approval and installations, whilst always keeping you up to date. We work in the majority of stores in the UK and have good working relationships with them. This is very helpful as we are aware that certain stores have strict guidelines as to what they allow, so we can incorporate this into the initial concept thus saving you time and money at the outset.
Visual Merchandising We also offer a visual merchandising service which can be used in various ways. It could be at the point of installation so that the outlet is handed over a complete display concept. You may have a new corporate display coming out and you need help in installing them and showing the stores how to dress them. Or you may feel that a store needs to be refreshed. Our VM is able to do this on your behalf and can also change prints, apply window vinyls or recover pads onsite to help you achieve the maximum from your display area.
Survey and Installation Generally we will survey the area first, to ensure that we manufacture your display to fit the maximum size available, thus maximising your selling area. We install the majority of our displays because to make full use of the available space, we often have to assemble the unit within the cabinet or we may need to fabric cover pads with corporate material to finish a cabinet off. You can therefore be confident that we leave your new display looking at its best for the outlet.
Visuals Our visualiser will sketch out the idea, and if required, we will also come up with alternative options for consideration. Our team are able to produce displays simply from these visuals, so working drawings are not required.
Prototyping Our highly skilled prototypers can produce anything from architectural models to highly intrical components. We are used to working simply from artistic sketches to create a perfectly proportioned display. For the more intricate item, we're well used to problem solving whether it be mechanical or visual.
Graphics and Print We will produce either vinyl logos or 3D acrylic or metal logos, depending on your display requirements. We also produce and install window vinyls for either one-off projects or promotional roll-outs. Much of our printwork involves keeping a record of all of your bespoke sized prints out in the field and producing and sending out replacement prints when you have a new ambassador or collection to promote.
Manufacture This is done in-house by our team, all of whom are highly skilled in this field. We have very good workshops which allow us to produce the high quality work you require. A brief example of what we manufacture would be promotional and permanent bespoke displays, small runs of hero displays, fabric covered pads and display items, high volume vacuum formed displays as well as intricately handmade pieces of metalwork to add to the luxury element on displays. At any stage in the project we would invite you to come and see your project in production.
If you wish to discuss a project or would like to see examples of our work - please contact us.